Meet The Team

Michael Lawton

Property Strategist

  • Owned his home plus three investment properties before entering the property investment field
  • Has added another two properties to his portfolio over the last 6 months
  • Always looking to buy further properties to expand his portfolio
  • Keen supporter of Operation Flinders Foundation
How Michael Started

It was Robert Kiyosaki’s personal finance classic ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ that first caught Michael’s interest and got him started in researching property and investment. He bought his first home at age 21, and his first investment property at the age of 23. By the time he entered the property investment field as a professional, Michael already owned his own home, as well as a further three investment properties.

Michael’s Property Investment Tips
  • Start Early – let time and the compounding effect work for you
  • Build a trusted team, e.g., property strategist,broker,property manager, etc.
  • Listen to like minded experts that invest for themselves as well
  • Make a plan – how much $$$ is enough?
  • Do your numbers so that know what you can afford
  • Don’t overthink buying an investment property
  • Revisit your equity and cash flow position every 18 months
  • Repeat the process!


Danielle Charlton

Property Strategist

Danielle purchased her first ‘renovator’s delight’ property aged 25.

While bringing up her two sons Archie and Spencer, Danielle spent twenty years working in a leading homewares and interior decorating company, managing many successful teams throughout Australia and New Zealand.

In 2013, Danielle chose to pursue another career path. She decided that she wanted to move into work that was more meaningful and in which she was better able to help people.

This was when she took the move into real estate. — an area in which she already had experience as an investor herself.

Danielle has since been a passionate property strategist working alongside Michael and world-class developers, and is committed to educating others about the value of investing in their futures as soon as possible.

She prides herself on honesty and trust.

Having met so many clients in their middle age who have been incredibly hard workers all their life but never been educated on how to build assets for their future, Danielle is a big believer that we need to be teaching our children these exact life skills in financial literacy at school from an early age.

She definitely practises what she preaches, having added another two investments to her portfolio just over the last 6 months.

Danielle’s Property Investment Tips
  • Seek expert advice – hidden expenses can cost you thousands! World class athletes do not win gold without a coach!
  • Do not buy with your emotions! Investing must involve an analytical approach. There are many factors that are involved to make sure your property is set for strong capital growth.
  • Know the numbers associated to a property purchase and exactly how this looks for your situation before you get started. When your finances are set up correctly from the start it will change your life!
  • Get educated but remember at some stage you need to take action! Analysis paralysis leads to you doing nothing!